Blonde mature woman painting picture on easel with mixed oil colors between her students

4 Reasons Why You Should Take A Painting Class

L+A Healing Studio is your destination for healing body and mind. As part of that mission, we offer a number of arts and crafts workshops and classes. Creating beautiful objects and artwork is a great way to clear your thoughts and find your zen, but it can also help foster connection to others. Here are […]

Young woman practicing yoga at class

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

There aren’t many things that both mainstream medicine and integrative medicine agree upon, but the benefits of yoga are one of those rare topics where there’s a consensus. Scientific research has shown the mental and physical benefits of yoga are real and significant. Here’s how yoga can help you feel better. Yoga Benefits Your Mental […]

Understanding Headaches

One of the most common and frustrating pains that we deal with in day to day life is the dreaded headache. But, did you know that not all headaches are created equally? Today our goal is to describe and understand the two most common types of headaches and gives you some tips on how to […]

Pre & Postnatal Massage

What is Prenatal and Postnatal Massage? Most people know that receiving routine massages can be beneficial for physical, mental and emotional health. From your basic Swedish (light pressure) massage to increase mental relaxation to Deep Tissue massage that is more area-specific and intense to promote muscle tension release to relieve pain and stiffness, massage can […]

Let’s talk about Sciatica

Sciatic pain is a very common problem that many people experience in their lives. Chances are that even if you’ve never had this type of pain you can name someone in your family or group of friends that has complained of pain traveling into their legs. While this is a very common problem, there seems […]

Back Pain Isn’t Scary

Back Pain Myths and Why You Shouldn’t be Scared I often see patients that are in heavy distress due to their low back pain. Whether it is acute or chronic, low back pain is often felt by patients as being a very scary thing. My goal today is to try to give some evidence-based answers […]