4 Reasons Why You Should Take A Painting Class

Blonde mature woman painting picture on easel with mixed oil colors between her students

L+A Healing Studio is your destination for healing body and mind. As part of that mission, we offer a number of arts and crafts workshops and classes. Creating beautiful objects and artwork is a great way to clear your thoughts and find your zen, but it can also help foster connection to others. Here are some reasons why you should take a painting class with us.

Unlearn Perfectionism

Perhaps it will take more than a single painting class to get over your perfectionist tendencies—that’s okay! Consider it a first step on your journey. We often hear from people who want to paint, but hesitate to do so because, “I don’t think I’d do a good job.” In other words, they quit before they even start because they feel that anything less than perfection is a waste of time.

It’s easy to see how this attitude can carry over to other aspects of your life—not applying to the perfect job because you don’t think you’ll get it, not starting that backyard garden you’ve been wanting to build because you worry you’ll mess up the layout. Take the plunge and sign up for an art class and learn that it’s not always about the end result, but the process of getting there.

Relieve Stress

Creative activity has been shown to lower cortisol levels in the bloodstream, which means it has the ability to alleviate the stress in your body. If you have a high-pressure job—as many of our regular clients do—weekly painting classes can help you relax and unwind. (Did we mention our classes are BYOB too?) Tapping into your creative mind lets you think about something other than your massive to-do list or the work meeting you’ve been dreading all week.

Connect With Others

Our painting classes are popular with people from all walks of life, all ages and ethnicities. You’ll meet new people, have some great conversations, and maybe even make some new friends. If you’re new to the neighborhood, far from family, or otherwise feeling lonely and isolated, an art class can help you feel integrated into the community.

Of course, painting classes are also a fun girls’ night out activity too, giving you the opportunity to reconnect with old friends as well. 

Find a New Hobby

Your first painting class might just be the day you discover a brand new hobby! Many of our students end up as regulars in our painting classes or head to the art store after class to pick up materials to set up their own little home studio. Taking a class will give you the tools you need to start painting on your own—you’ll learn all the essential tips and techniques artists use in their work so you can build on them and create a style that’s all your own.

Sign Up for a Painting Class Today

Do you want to try your hand at painting? Sign up for one of our classes today or peruse our other upcoming arts and crafts offerings to find the perfect workshop for you!

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