Yoga During Quarantine: How Can It Help?

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Although the world is slowly opening up again after being shut down from the coronavirus, many of us are still feeling a profound sense of loss. We feel it here too at L+A Healing Studio. We’ve missed seeing you; we’ve missed the feeling of community we cultivated through our classes and healing spa services. We hope to see all of you again soon, but we understand that for people with underlying medical conditions, self-quarantine will be continuing through the summer and beyond. If this is the case for you, yoga during quarantine can help you feel centered and grounded even in the midst of so much change, upheaval, and anxiety. Here’s how.

Yoga Helps You Reconnect With Your Body

We joke about all the weight we’ve gained during quarantine, but all that eating out of stress and boredom can leave you feeling detached from your body and uncomfortable in your own skin. Yoga is one of the best ways to reconnect when your body doesn’t feel like your own. Because yoga requires deliberate, meditative movements, it helps you feel at home again. Yoga also meets you where you’re at—you can be out-of-shape or a marathon runner and still benefit from some form of yoga.

Yoga Helps You Destress

This is one of the reasons why so many people who don’t like to workout enjoy yoga. Other forms of exercise pump your adrenaline and amp you up—and this doesn’t always feel good to people who are already feeling panicky and frantic. Even some of the more physically demanding forms of yoga foster a sense of peace and calm by encouraging deep breathing and mindfulness as you move. 

Yoga Helps Sore, Tense Bodies

People who are used to working in an office environment might love the shift to working from home, but your body might be ready to go back to the office. Hunching over a laptop, working from the couch or bed, and moving very little throughout the day can make your muscles sore and tense. Yoga stretches your muscles and helps you loosen up, reducing the physical effects of stress in your body and giving you a sense of renewal. Even a short 5-minute yoga routine before and after you work each day can make a big difference for your body; if you can, get up and do some yoga stretches every hour or two to get your body moving and work out any tension. The downward dog, spinal twist, and standing forward fold with shoulder opener are all excellent for this.

Learn More About Yoga at L+A Healing Studio

We’re always here for you if you’re doing yoga during quarantine and you need some support. Our yoga instructors are happy to point you to resources for yoga at home, develop a customized routine for you, or assist you in any way you need. 

When you’re feeling comfortable enough to attend in-person yoga classes again, we offer a wide range of options for practitioners at every level; pay $80 a month for unlimited classes and find the type of yoga best suited for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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