L+A Healing Studio Staff FPO

Angela Caminos-Koehler

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 8 years, and my practice has helped me through many transitions finding strength from within and being open to possibilities I never thought existed. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully and authentically. I completed my 200 hour alignment based Vinyasa Flow and Restorative training at PeaceLab Yoga Shala under the guidance of my teacher, Melanie McQuown and her teacher ,Christina Sell. I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me. In my classes, I love to combine slow flow with restorative poses and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice and find your strength from within. I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga, and my hope is that you step off the mat experiencing the magic of yoga-leaving feeling a bit better than when you arrived.


Alex Agudo Co-Owner + Fitness/Dance Instructor

Alex Agudo

L+A Healing Studio Staff FPO

Dill Costa

Fitness Instructor