L+A Healing Studio Staff FPO

Milynn Mapalo

Yoga Instructor

Milynn’s yoga journey began ten years ago in a fitness-based yoga class at a local gym. That first class, specifically an impossible side plank pose, still remains one of her most humbling experiences today. Eventually she made her way back to the mat in 2011 and hasn’t stopped practicing since. By 2014, Milynn found John Salisbury’s incredible teachings in an Ashtanga based practice which led her to pursue her own certification in Scottsdale, Arizona. She went on to teach at various studios around the Phoenix Valley before spending some time abroad and in Los Angeles, finally making her way back to her home state of Illinois last year. Initially, Milynn wanted to share this practice with others as it has slowed her scoliosis and significantly diminished her lifelong back pain. However, the mental and spiritual benefits that the practice of yoga provides are truly what drives her to continue teaching. She looks forward to growing the yoga community at L&A Healing Studio.


L+A Healing Studio Staff FPO

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Fitness Instructor
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