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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is now in Our South Loop Studio!

Chiropractic uses the body’s ability to heal itself without the need for invasive procedures. Treatment involves manual therapy of the spine and joints to alleviate pressure. Care leads to improvement in joint motion & function and pain alleviation. L+A Studio implements other modalities with joint manipulation such as dry needling, soft tissue therapies, and active rehabilitation to restore the body.

Our Resident Chiropractor, Dr. Andretti Montalvo, specializes in treating chronic spinal pain. Also, his expertise includes treatment for sports, motor vehicles, and workplace injuries. 

However, Chiropractic treatment is not limited to those with severe pain or injury, as treatment can help improve the quality of life. The benefits also go beyond the spine, as chiropractic care also helps treat muscle, joint, and nerve pain found throughout the body. We identify your problem areas, find and understand the causes, and then create a plan designed for you.


  • New Members Initial Visit* $50


  • 3 Follow Up Visits: $99
  • 10 Follow Up Visits: $370
  • Non-invasive solution for serious and debilitating pain/injury. Avoid spine surgeries
  • Wash away chronic pain
  • Return your body to feeling normal after an injury
  • Improves Joint function, mobility, and health
  • helps the Nervous system function properly and improves your nerve’s ability to carry out signals
  • An uptick in athletic performance
  • Decrease the degeneration of joints and connective tissues helping prevent arthritis
  • Prevents immobility of joints and muscle tissues. Keep the stiffness and soreness away before it happens
We highly recommend scheduling a consultation and find out how chiropractic care could benefit your health!

For further questions or scheduling an appointment over the phone, please call us at 312-753-3249

Is this your first time at L&A healing Studio? Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, in order to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Be sure to eat a small meal a few hours before your treatment. Our therapies are best received when not overly full or overly hungry.

Dress in comfortable clothing that can easily be rolled up to the elbows and knees.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American express, discover, and cash.

We do accept FSA and HSA cards at this time.

In the near future, we will be accepting specific insurance. Until then, we are more than happy to provide you with an itemized superbill with coding, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

It is the patient’s responsibility to verify your insurance benefits.

We are a Time of Service provider who requests all payments be made after service.

Questions To Ask When Inquiring About Chiropractic Benefits:

1. Has my deductible been met?
Typically, patients must meet a deductible determined by each individual plan before insurance can cover all or partial costs of the service.

2. Do I have a copay or coinsurance?
Patients will either have a copay or will be required to pay a percentage of the treatment as dictated by your insurance plan once the deductible has been met.

3. Do I need prior referral or authorization prior to receiving treatment?
Most plans do not need prior authorization or referral before receiving treatment.

4. What diagnosis codes are covered under my plan?
Most insurance plans will cover chiropractic services.

5. How many treatments will be covered under my insurance?
Each insurance plan has a different allowed number of treatment visits per year. It will be detailed in your explanation of benefits.

Our Practitoners

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