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Flowers are an investment for happiness. We believe flowers are a final touch to any gathering and that flowers will be there after the event and be a reminder of the days to come of the joy you experience with your friends and family.  Flowers will always outlast a concert or dinner continues bringing you joy after the event.

 Living in urban environment add that extra color and balance to our indoor lives.  Alex hand selects every type of flower that we carry in store to ensure quality and the longevity of the floral arrangements. We offer single stem selections as well as full bouquets. We welcome to view our selection and choose a little so

We deliver floral arrangements and plants within the South Loop Community. 

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We focus our selection and arrangements on design, balance, color, harmony, composition, and point of view. It decides the structural pattern of the floral arrangement. It is a visualized plan about the size and shape of the floral arrangement. The design is essentially determined by the location, occasion and the materials available.


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Come to the store or call us at (312) 753-3249 to order a floral arrangement.



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