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IV Vitamin Therapy + SkinPen Microneedling + Botox

Your Element Wellness offers direct-to-patient wellness services, allowing you to receive care from the comfort of wherever you are and with practitioners who take the time to listen to you.

Get relief from aggravating symptoms with targeted, intravenous treatment. We offer a variety of treatment packages to soothe symptoms associated with hangovers, colds, flus, migraines, and more.

IV Nutrient Infusion Formulas


Put an end to pesky monthly PMS routines.

This power-packed vitamin blend works to boost your mood and ease cramps, bloating, and discomfort during your menstrual cycle. The dreaded few days of the month don’t have to be as bad as they are — this IV helps you feel better physically and mentally.


Bloating, Irritability, Abdominal Discomfort, Lower Back Pain


Improve your mental alertness in 30 minutes.

Stress, sleep deprivation, brain fog—life gets to us all. Regain your ability to think clearly with the Brainstorm IV drip, which replenishes your energy levels and enhances your work performance by delivering essential vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and fluids.


Brain Function, Memory Recall, Information Processing, Cognitive Function

Get Up & Go

The concoction to up your zing for anyone always on the go.

Start your day with a punch. The Get Up & Go drip will help you burn fat, boost metabolism, and keep you feeling recharged throughout any busy day. Why not feel this energized every day?


Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat, Improve Energy


Be Well: Supercharge your immune system and become your healthiest self.

Kick your immune system into high gear with a nourishing immune booster IV drip full of carefully selected ingredients to fight infections. Speed up recovery and knock out seasonal illness so you can return to life in a jiff.


Immune Support, Illness Recovery, Anti-inflammatory, Protect Against Infections

Inner Beauty

The one step treatment for radiant hair, skin, and nails.

Turn back time with this anti-aging IV blend packed with six nourishing vitamins that will strengthen your skin, hair, and nails. Build resilience for a healthy glow you can see without adding more time to your skincare routine.


Supports Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails, Skin Brightening, Tone Evening, Diminishes Shine, Line Reducing, Collagen Boosting


The hydration drip that takes you from parched to invigorated.

Are you feeling dry? Go from parched to refreshed with the Quench drip that includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, and fluids formulated for a blast of fast hydration.


Chronic Dehydration, Hot Weather, Replenish Electrolytes


Now you can have fun without the post-drinking blues.

Recover from even the worst hangovers with our Reboot drip to help detoxify your body and get back to being you. Beat headaches, grogginess, nausea, and post-drinking blues with this mighty blend of vitamins and fluids.


Headache Relief, Nausea Relief, Rapid Rehydration, Flush Toxins

Myers Cocktail

The all-in-one drip to achieve wellness in record time.

Bogged down with migraines, seasonal allergies, or respiratory ailments? From migraines to muscle spasms, this IV blend works overtime to deliver a range of nutrients to enhance overall health inside out.


Jet Lag, Better Sleep, Healthy Digestion, Immune Support

Recovery & Performance

Perform like pro-athlete (with minimal recovery time).

Elevate your energy levels to perform your best, and heal faster afterward with this IV blend. Take it before running or training for your next half marathon and finish without a post-workout crash.


Workout Recovery, Energy Boost, Athletic Performance, Vitamin Replenishment


A simple way to restore the very essence of youth.

Energy, mental clarity, stress management, and improving your appearance are all possible thanks to NAD+. Boost declining NAD+ levels and seize your youthful vigor again with this IV blend.


Anti-aging, Cognitive Function, Metabolic Function, Athletic Performance, Immune Support, Detox & Cleanse, Energy Boost

Bare Essentials

The bare essentials to replenish what you’ve lost.

Normal saline is fluid containing electrolytes, and is engineered to optimally match the pH of your body’s fluids, helping you to replace exactly what you have lost.


Replenishing Electrolytes


Get Beautiful Skin Naturally

Remodel your skin with the leading microneedling procedure.

Simple, yet comfortable, SkinPen activates the skin-healing power to increase collagen and elastin by creating temporary microscopic channels. It is simple, comfortable and effective and aims to rejuvenate from the inside out for younger looking skin.


Acne Scars, Neck Wrinkles